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мемуары гойшы

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Очень близко
- I'd consider myself a realist, all right, but in philosophical terms, I'm what's called a pessimist.
- Um, okay. What's that mean?
- It means I'm bad at parties.
- Let me tell you, you ain't great outside of parties either.
- I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware. Nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself. We are creatures that should not exist by natural law.
We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self, this accretion of sensory experience and feeling, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody when, in fact, everybody's nobody.
I think the honorable thing for our species to do is deny our programming.
Stop reproducing. Walk hand in hand into extinction. One last midnight. Brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.
- So what's the point in getting out of bed in the morning?
- I tell myself I bear witness, but the real answer is that it's obviously my programming. And I lack the constitution for suicide.

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не ново, почти красиво сказано, не согласен )

потому что бывает хорошо, в принципе.

и consciousness is not a separate aspect of nature. partially because nothing can be separate of itself. consciousness, as is everything else, part of nature.

everybody is nobody - it's true. but equally true is that everyone is just that - himherself. capable, in principle, of joy. несмотря на / вместе с подленькими (и другими) страданиями.

блин, я уже забыла, откуда "подленькие страдания"?

это сплит сказал, это какой-то перевод буддийской классики. переводы такие переводы. но возможно это устоявшийся термин., как напр "медитация любящей доброты" (loving kindness) - вполне известный, даже где-то технический термин )

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