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мемуары гойшы

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Кто хочет попробовать себя в роли китайского проводника?

Я ищу ответственного и дружелюбного человека со знанием китайского, который хочет бесплатно поехать в Китай осенью в качестве помощника проводника, и возможно в будущем водить часть групп, уже с оплатой.


Подробности на английском:
We (Ykitai - Why Kitai, a small private tour company) are looking for a person to come along as a second guide for a Sukkot group to China.

What will she/he get:
- a two week trip to China + ticket for free
- learning experience
- possibly more trips in the future, with a payment

What she/he will need to do:
- come along and help the guide whenever he needs 24\7
- meet tourists
- talk to drivers
- run get the tickets and run errands
- make phone calls, manage the wechat group,
- help ordering food and translate
- etc etc.

Requirements (and I am writing this in English on purpose):
- Chinese at least level HSK-3 and some experience in basic communication with Chinese people
- English. If you understand this text you're fine
- Russian and/or Hebrew
- Responsible and punctual (super important!!!)
- Good communication skills. Friendly and calm.
- To be in good shape. You need to be able to walk for 10-20km incl. stairs.
- Good navigation skills (remember where you came from and how to get back)
- No medical conditions requiring special attention, no fear of heights, altitude sickness, motion sickness, food allergies.
- Previous independent travel experience, especially trips to China is an advantage.

- You need to be able to commit to leave for 2-3 weeks. (we will buy you a ticket, but take a deposit in case you cancel) You will get it back, no worries. We are very responsible. I will add the link to reviews on our page in the comments.

If you know anyone who might be suitable or interested - please email me at info@ykitai.com


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А ты китайцев не пробовала на это дело подбить?

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